Why start a business in Pune

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Pune has emerged as one of the most favoured cities for small businesses, IT firms and start-ups in the recent past. The city’s proximity to Mumbai (about 119 kms by road and 148 kms by train), its tag of being the cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra and the pleasant weather have all contributed to making Pune a favourable city for many small businesses. 


Pune houses several large and small manufacturing firms, apart from being known as an automobile hub. It is also a preferred real estate destination, and is sought-after by many developers and property buyers alike. The city is home to many well-known centres of academic excellence. Then, of course, it is also known as a tourism hub with a booming hospitality industry.


According to a Mercer study (2015) on the quality of life in cities, Pune is the second most livable Indian city, with a ranking of 145, and placed behind Hyderabad at 138. Pune beats both the national capital of Delhi and the commercial capital of Mumbai. 


All these above factors would encourage any small business or a start-up to set up shop in Pune. To further enhance Pune’s value as a key centre for investment and commerce is a recent NASSCOM report on start-ups in India. The report says that the city has seen nearly $90 million of funding in the start-up space last year. 


With the state of Maharashtra attracting the largest share of foreign direct investment (FDI) inflow, it is bound to rub off on Pune as well, thanks to the city’s accessibility to Mumbai. 


Starting a business in Pune becomes all the more hassle-free, considering the presence of serviced offices and virtual office solutions in the city. Irrespective of which sector you are in, you can opt for a serviced office in Pune, and the range of amenities it comes with, to ensure you make a good impression on your clients and associates.


While having a prestigious location or address is half the battle won, you can also hit the ground running because these offices come with workstations, breakout centres cafe, conference rooms, virtual assistants etc.


A plug and play office setup in a city like Pune would mean you can concentrate on your core business rather than invest huge amounts of time, energy and resources in setting up your office and getting it going.


In fact, serviced offices are bound to save you costs because your office can get operational the moment you move into the space. 


Pune offers a considerable number of business opportunities, and not a day passes without a new start-up announcement or a new IT firm/auto firm opening shop here. By opting to start a business here, you would have made a smart decision, because Pune is the emerging if not already the bright star in urban India.