Why a Business should consider opting for a Plug and Play office

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Why a Business should consider opting for a Plug and Play office?

Irrespective of whether you are a small and medium enterprise (SME), a start-up or a well-established firm planning to spread your wings, one of the major challenges you are likely to face is scouting for the ideal office space. You will be forced to spend all your resources on scouting for the ideal space in a good location, and then follow it up by setting up the space and making it a productive workspace.

In the meanwhile, the core aspect of your business may suffer. Your energies are likely to be diverted and you may lose out on key contracts or deadlines. So, what’s the solution? The best option in such a scenario would be to opt for a plug and play office.

Why a plug and play office, you might ask? Simply because of the range of services an office space like that will provide. Serviced offices or virtual offices offer benefits such as:

  • Prestigious address in a prime locality such as the CBD areas
  • Office infrastructure like desks, tables, Internet and communication services
  • A secure phone number
  • Receptionist services
  • Board rooms and meeting rooms etc

Plug and play offices ensure that you can just move into a space that is ready to use, and start work immediately. Businesses don’t have the hassle of first getting to know the city, assessing which areas are ideal, and then setting up an office.

Plug and play offices are also perfect for freelance/independent workers. If an individual has a project to finish over the short-term, he or she can opt for co-working spaces that are ready to move into. Business travellers, creative people, innovators can all use these co-working spaces. Some of the benefits of a plug and play co-working space include a vibrant atmosphere and opportunities to network and brainstorm with likeminded people, flexible and customised packages, great locations, excellent infrastructure, secretarial service, video conferencing facilities, Internet, and also a supply of complimentary beverages.

What does a plug and play office save a businessperson or working professional from?

If a business were to set up an office on their own, they would have to look for far-flung/inaccessible locations to save rentals. This is counter-productive. High rentals and the prospect of escalating expenditure over office staff and related services, including training are other problems businesses can avoid. Yet another huge relief comes in the form of avoiding lease/rental terms that are far from flexible. Often, lease deeds create a problem of locked funds, and businesses can’t move out and find a new space because of contractual commitments.

In the wake of such problems, there comes along a bright and seamless solution, that of a plug and play office solution – a blessing indeed for businesses.

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