Co-working Office Space and Benefits of Joining a Shared Workspace

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Co-working Office Space and Benefits of Joining a Shared Workspace

Shared workspaces have a lot going for them because there is a certain spark and buzz in such a space that a normal workspace doesn’t offer. Just ask anyone with some experience of working in a shared space, and you know why they decided that a co-working office space would be the best for them.

Low cost: Co-working office space is a cost-effective option. A freelancer or an independent worker need not invest on overheads such as infrastructure, communication systems, support staff, etc for setting up an office. Costs and contracts are flexible as well. A worker can pay only for services used rather than invest in the whole package. One of the biggest benefits is that a worker need not worry about big investments.

High on productivity: Co-working spaces boost productivity as they have an atmosphere that is ideal for uninterrupted and quality work with the best of facilities, ergonomic workstations, and absence of everyday operational hassles.

Collaboration matters: A shared workspace offers the advantage of networking. Who wouldn’t want to work in an office space where one can walk up and collaborate with others! Any independent worker can gain a lot from meeting others, acquiring new contacts and brainstorming!

Great location: Co-working spaces offer the benefit of a great location. Such spaces are usually located in top cities of the country – cities that are known as start-up hubs/tech hubs. Working in co-working spaces that have a great location means easy accessibility to clients and partners.

Bouquet of services: Shared spaces offer services that are on-demand and ready-to-use. Services include secretarial help, translation, courier, printing etc. They also offer tech support, phones, Wi-Fi, and a reception desk, among others. An entrepreneur, business traveller, freelance journalist on a big assignment, just about any working person, can gain from the conference rooms, video conferencing facilities etc.

Perks of co-working: Tea, coffee and newspapers are all part of the perks that come with a co-working space. Imagine holding a mug of fine coffee while you fine-tune your copy. Take a break from writing code by browsing the day’s papers.

In essence, co-working spaces take away a lot of stress and hassles that an independent professional is likely to face on an average working day. Great workspaces offer the best of all worlds, and allow professionals to focus on what they like doing best - their work!