When to Consider a Plug and Play Office

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When to Consider a Plug and Play Office

Finding office space to suit the image and identity of a brand is difficult, especially in times when brand image and identity are crucial for businesses. Whether you are a small business or a start-up, you can no longer spend huge amounts of time looking for an office space and then setting it up before you start operations.

It is at times when a business needs an office space at short notice but does not want to compromise on any conveniences that a plug and play office space comes into the picture.

Here are some typical scenarios wherein you could consider a plug and play space:

You could be setting up a new business and already have several assignments/projects on hand, but still don’t have an office

You could be an independent consultant for a firm with a sudden rush of projects/assignments

You could be a creative professional – a writer, content consultant, script-writer and don’t have an office

You could be on expansion mode or relocating from another city and need to start work immediately

Services on offer at plug and play offices

All these above scenarios would mean an office space that offer many services. Serviced office spaces give businesses the benefit of a prime address in a CBD area, which is also easy to access

  • They provide receptionist services and all IT/technical support. Phone lines and high-speed Wi-Fi, apart from office infrastructure won’t be a hassle
  • Board rooms, conference/meeting spaces, lounges, breakout areas are all plug and play services – pay as you go and use them
  • A range of on-demand services like courier, printing, etc, are all available under one roof

The advantage of a plug and play office is that businesses need not spend time looking for a series of separate services one after another like a traditional workspace. In a conventional office space, you would first look for an office, and then look at other aspects to get it up and running. You would need to hire an interior decorator to do up your workspace, staff to handle administrative tasks and a back-end person to take care of IT-related issues. In a serviced office space, you can opt for custom-made packages and pay for specific amenities rather than the entire package. The lease terms are also flexible in a serviced office space when compared to a conventional office. All in all, a plug and play office is the perfect option for smart urban professionals who see themselves as citizens of the world.

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