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A Closer Look At The City

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan. It plays a key role in political, economic, cultural and communication exchange. You can’t miss Taipei 101 which stands head and shoulders above all other buildings in the centre of the city and one of the tallest buildings in the world. Home to one of our Executive Centres, Taipei 101 is the headquarters of some of the world’s top multinational companies as well as a popular attraction for local and international visitors.


Taipei has become the centre of rapid economic development in Taiwan, with burgeoning growth in technology, electronics, manufacturing, consumer products and apparel. Taipei is also the cultural epicentre of Taiwan, filled with historic landmarks such as the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Dalongdong Baoan Temple and the National Museum Palace. For a full taste of Taipei, head to its famous night markets. Streets and streets of tempting local delicacies draw in locals and tourists alike, creating a warm and vibrant energy that comes to life after dark.

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Taipei has a fast and efficient Metro system that connects all major areas across the city. Buses and taxis are also a convenient way to navigate the city.

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